Customer Service IS Branding

01/30/2015 | Andrew Sharpe

Like me, you’re probably quite intrigued and excited by the technological innovations that you have seen and heard about at the CES and NRF conferences. But, it’s important to understand that creating a better customer experience is not necessarily derived exclusively from the latest technology. Rather, the success of your brand lies in good, old-fashioned […]

Don’t Let Holiday Creep Ruin Your Retail Story

10/14/2014 | Andrew Sharpe

As someone who is responsible for building your brand and sharing your retail story, you may be feeling the effects of what is now well-known as “Holiday Creep”… and I’m not talking about “Bad Santa”. I’m talking about the well-documented fact that retailers are pushing forward the start of their holiday season, earlier and earlier […]

Brand Longevity Means Avoiding Shortcuts

07/24/2014 | Andrew Sharpe

Every good story – whether literal or metaphoric – has established characters, a dynamic plot and story structure, and a takeaway (lesson). If any of those elements are missing, the story won’t be as compelling or enduring. And when it comes to retail storytelling, those same essentials also need to be in place. But the […]

Share Your Story To Get More Buy-In From Franchisees

06/12/2014 | Andrew Sharpe

Over the past few years the concept of ‘storytelling’, from a marketing and branding perspective, has gained tremendous momentum. To someone like me, I see that as a good thing—for both consumers and organizations, alike.  You see, as Chief Executive Storyteller of a marketing firm, I have long believed that one of the keys to […]