Customer Service IS Branding: An Infographic

04/28/2015 | Andrew Sharpe

To help visualize the importance of customer service in the age of omni-channel retailing, we revisit the what and the why from our previous post, Costumer Service IS Branding, in this beautiful infographic. We highlight some of the key moments of customer experience that can jeopardize your brand’s relationship with your customers. Take a dive into the data […]

A Glimpse Into the Future of Retail… And How to Plan For It

04/28/2015 | Andrew Sharpe

As someone that specializes in retail marketing, I’m often asked what I think the future holds for retail. Though I don’t have a crystal ball, I do have a (healthy) obsession with anything related to consumer behavior and shopper marketing trends.  And the way I see it, there will be two major changes to retail, […]

Customer Service IS Branding

01/30/2015 | Andrew Sharpe

Like me, you’re probably quite intrigued and excited by the technological innovations that you have seen and heard about at the CES and NRF conferences. But, it’s important to understand that creating a better customer experience is not necessarily derived exclusively from the latest technology. Rather, the success of your brand lies in good, old-fashioned […]