All too often, marketing agencies tend to not practise what they preach. As a retailer marketing agency, we not only think like a retailer, we act like one, too.
Given the success that our retail clients have had with Black Friday, it seemed only fitting for us, as a retail marketing agency, to take advantage of the hype. To do so, we created the “Brandspank Friday” concept—an entire promotion featuring the lowest prices of the year on our most popular agency services.

The ads mimicked retail flyers with lookalike items of classic brands like Bran Flakes and Tide, to promote some of the agency's most sought-after services—like BrandPlans (strategic planning) and Creative Campaigns—and offered retailers door-crasher deals on services they want and need.
The concept not only generated inquiries and new clients for our agency, but we were able to generate some PR buzz as well. The story was followed on twitter and other social media sites, and was featured in the Globe & Mail newspaper.

E-commerce Website

In order to make the sales process simple and seamless, we developed an e-commerce website to sell our featured Brandspank Friday deals. The website featured a list of #deals4retailers that could be claimed via online purchase, and linked back to all of our social media channels.

Direct Mail Flyer

Our direct mail flyer was sent to an extensive list of prospects and existing clients, prior to the launch of the campaign. Flyer mailouts were timed to arrive within 24 hours of the sale date, and were designed to look like a traditional flyer. The flyer featured our most popular services, on sale for a limited time, dressed-up as various iconic brands.

In-store Sign

To attract walk-by traffic in the mall, where we're located, we utilized a window banner in our storefront boutique.

Social Media

Using the #BrandspankFRIDAY and #deals4retailers hashtags, we utilized social media extensively. In addition to what was shared, we designed temporary background images for Facebook and Twitter—featuring the campaign’s layout.

PR Coverage

Very rarely will an agency get press for promoting their own services, but #BrandspankFRIDAY played by its own rules. Well-respected marketers and peers commented on the campaign, and even the Globe & Mail found the story newsworthy, and featured a full article on the campaign.

Paid E-blast

To extend the reach beyond our own database, we booked an electronic direct mail campaign through Maclean’s magazine.

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