When we first started, there was decent awareness for the Tisol name, but little understanding of what set the brand apart: it's wide selection of semi-exclusive holistic pet food. After 3 to 4 years, the 'For The Ones You Love' campaign clearly established Tisol as the retailer for those who don't want to compromise on the health & wellness of their pet. However, soon after, many of Tisol's competitors also started to carry the same, or similar, brands of holistic pet food. This forced Tisol to evolve its marketing strategy.
The 'For The One's You Love' campaign was used, successfully, for over six years--up until Tisol's competitors started carrying similar holistic pet food. We then introduced a strategy to position Tisol as the 'Caring Expert'--someone who doesn't just care about your pet, but genuinely cares about helping people be the best pet owner they can be.
So, instead of focusing on the products carried, we differentiated Tisol based their ability to provide insightful and empathetic advice--as promoted via the 'We Teach You About Them' campaign.
Not only did the campaign(s) help Tisol to own the 'health & wellness' position (for pets) within the minds of the consumer - as confirmed by consumer research - but it also helped increase sales. In fact, our client said, "Since working with Brandspank, we have experienced annual sales increases that we are very pleased with."

For The Ones You Love Campaign

One of nine executions of 'For The ones You Love' campaign, this ad (along with the entire campaign roll-out) communicated Tisol's belief that a pet is part of the family. It was also adapted to transit and TV.

TV Spots

The 'What Have I learned' campaign promotes Tisol's expertise. As with all the TV executions, this spot taps into the emotional connection between an owner and their pet AND also the connection Tisol employees have to a customer's pet.


Tisol's previous website was not optimized for mobile, so anyone visiting the site via tablet or smartphone had a less-than satisfactory online experience. So, we created a responsive website, which automatically scaled to any screen size.

Storefront Design

To help make Tisol's store more inviting to passers-by, we used their windows as a canvas for telling their story. This was done for multiple, older locations.

Email Program

To help Tisol maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers, we developed an enticing email marketing program. By combining monthly promotions with expert advice, we created content that people looked forward to receiving. And because it was built using a user-friendly CMS, Tisol was able to manage the campaign in-house.

Product Merchandising Display

After observing customer activity at different Tisol locations, we proactively recommended that they introduce end-cap displays--to merchandise popular and profitable items. As the size of the Tisol stores grew it was becoming more difficult to find products as easily. We designed a simple, yet effective aisle sign program that Tisol could update at any time.

Direct Mail

This direct mail was designed to simultaneously sell product AND tell a story. We introduced it as a way to not only promote monthly sale items (as requested by Tisol), but also maintain the brand integrity--which can be compromised through discounting.

Charitable Community Program

We created the original Pet Food Bank concept (along with logo and website) as a way for Tisol to demonstrate its commitment to animal well-being AND to increase their community involvement. The Pet Food Bank supplies various pet-related charities with healthy, holistic pet food for pets in need; customers are able to donate (food) at any Tisol store.

Seasonal Sessions

To reinforce Tisol's perception as the caring expert, we developed the concept for a series of educational drop-in sessions. These 'Seasonal Sessions' featured Tisol staff and other industry professionals sharing health & wellness advice and teaching pet owners how to prepare their pets for the upcoming season.

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