Few Canadian companies make it to 100 years and remain family-owned, but that’s just what Ingledew’s did. Celebrating this milestone achievement was a given, but how to do in a way that was both respectful to the brand and relevant to the shopper was a challenge. That’s because, outside of the organization, a retailer’s age (especially in the fashion world) is generally not that important to the public, unless there is something in it for them. To add to the challenge, despite its longevity in the marketplace, the Ingledew’s brand was not necessarily a household name with most shoppers. So, even though brand awareness levels were decent, there was little understanding of what really set the brand apart.
We implemented a strategy that leveraged the (media) interest of a company turning 100 years old. As part of the process, we embedded aspects of the brand’s USP (points of difference) into the various marketing tactics—including event, PR, Social Media, etc.—as a secondary message. In essence, we attracted initial interest based on the Centennial story, but the real message was in how Ingledew’s is able to make one feel as good as one looks.
Significantly heightened awareness for the bran was, but one, metric of success. The marketing efforts resulted in a measurably higher level of understanding and appreciation for what differentiates Ingledew’s from the competition: it’s ability to find the perfect fit. This was achieved by way of numerous (earned) media stories, social chatter and increased social media users/followers. This was also achieved by way of various experiential executions—all of which helped Ingledew’s, once again, re-establish itself as a relevant fashion brand in Vancouver.

Beyond the brand’s recognition, by shoppers and fashion influencers (stylists, journalists and bloggers), as a fashionable retailer that has the ability to make you feel comfortable regardless of the style, the Ingledew’s staff and executive team experienced a renewed sense of pride for the brand.

100 Year Logo Treatment

When we were asked to help Ingledew's celebrate this impressive milestone, our first recommendation was to create a Centennial version of their logo, to be used for the entire centennial year. After a few different variations, we decided on a subtle variation that fit with their #StylishComfort platform.

Outdoor Banners

While the Ingledew's flagship store was being built, we got busy creating the outdoor signage for the new store, which included banner featuring the new 100 year logo.

Centennial Event

The objective of Ingledew’s Centennial Celebration was to not only celebrate 100 years, but to educate and create awareness of the Ingledew’s brand. Beyond The Fit Station, The Style Station and The Timeline – we executed on a number of additional event elements which all tied back to Ingledew’s position of offering #StylishComfort for their guests. Tactics included “comfort food” by way of a Purdy’s taste station, gift bags with items from partners who embody style and comfort, and an atmosphere which embodied modern fashion (who they are today), with a hint of antique style (to highlight their history).

Fit Station

At the core of the Ingledew’s brand is their promise to provide their customers with stylish shoes, without sacrificing their comfort. The fit station was intended to highlight Ingledew’s commitment to the art of finding the perfect fit. After all, Ingledew’s carries the most extensive selection of sizes and widths in the city. Each attendee had the opportunity to get fitted and measured (length and width) and feel the difference a properly fitted shoe can make.

Style Station

The style station was intended to showcase the designer brands and fashion-forward styles that Ingledew’s offers, while making it personal to guests. To achieve this, Ingledew’s very own style consultant helped guests get in touch with their inner fashionista (or fashionist-er), giving them tips and ideas to work with their own personal style. Media and fashion bloggers, as well as customers, all took part.

Historical Timeline

To visually tell the Ingledew’s story, we created a timeline that showcased the last 100 years of the company. The timeline provided attendees with the opportunity to look at Ingledew’s over the last century and see how fashion in the footwear industry has evolved. Though the timeline was only meant to stay up for the night of the celebration, it was such a success; the frames are still up at Ingledew’s flagship location.

Social Media Strategy

Though social media is a relatively new concept for the Ingledew’s brand, we were able to implement a number of tactics that increased both awareness and engagement. We also wanted to provide Ingledew’s with a platform to thank their most loyal customers for helping them reach 100 years. Various contests were created to get people talking and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Overall, we implemented a social media strategy with engaging and relevant content, in some cases increasing both engagement and followers by over 100%.

Public Relations

In order to maximize exposure of the brand, we partnered with Vancouver based Public Relations firm, Dela Cruz PR. And while a 100 year celebration is an interesting story in itself, we wanted to make sure that the company’s point-of-difference was featured in every single story: that being that Ingledew’s is committed to finding one’s perfect fit. In attendance at the grand opening event, were over 40 local influential press and bloggers. In addition, Ingledew’s was able to garner press hits from The Vancouver Sun (front page story), The Globe and Mail, and various other news publications and popular blogs. They also made TV appearances with Global TV and Fiona Forbes, to name a few. The buzz continues as Ingledew’s continues to publicly share their secret to success: #StylishComfort.

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