Omni-Channel Marketing

So what exactly is an Omni-Channel Strategy?
Well, it’s a multi-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide the
customer with a
seamless retail shopping experience – whether in-store,
on desktop, or through mobile.

Many marketers tend to think of this cross-channel integration from a technological point of view, only… and not from a brand experience perspective. But at BRANDSPANK we believe that even though technology is the backbone to any Omni-Channel Retailing strategy, longer-term success requires it to be approached from both a (technological) rational AND (marketing) emotional perspective.

Marketing Technology is at the heart

This is why, at the very outset of any Omni-Channel project, we work in tandem with software consultants Tacit Management Consulting – to ensure the technology is both future-proofed and in alignment with anticipated marketing requirements. It’s all part of an intuitive Marketing Technology Strategy.

As retail marketing specialists for the Omni-Channel age, we’re able to balance storytelling strategies with sales-generating tactics – at every channel along the consumer’s path-to-purchase.