With so many mechanical repair shops and car dealerships starting to sell tires, and so many tire shops now getting into mechanical service, the overall automotive service category has become much more competitive over the past few years. But with this abundance of choice comes added confusion for consumers. That’s because so few automotive service shops make the effort to differentiate them from the competition – which means that to the public, they are, for the most part, all the same. And, frankly, for the most part, the marketing was for similar in a generic way.
We incorporated strategy to differentiate the brand on both a rational and emotional level. The result was the ‘Sticker Family’ campaign—featuring a family of likable animated characters. Rationally, not only was the subject matter relevant to the automotive category, but it featured OK Tire’s corporate (yellow) colour as the background. This provided a strong link between each component AND made each instantly recognizable as OK Tire’s. From an emotional standpoint benefit-oriented messaging (versus listing features) was used. Specifically, the ads explained how OK Tire takes the time to listen to the customers’ needs AND recommend what’s best for both the customer AND their vehicle.
As a result of having a more focused, integrated message across all media (i.e. TV, radio, etc.), OK Tire indicated that they felt the campaign help enable them to achieve a more effective and efficient investment of their marketing budget. Equally as important is franchisee buy-in (of the marketing campaign) was virtually unanimous—making for more consistent messaging throughout all regions across the country.

Brand Image TV Spot

The brand image spots were developed, specifically to improve awareness for OK Tire’s automotive maintenance and repair service—by dispelling the perception that they only sell tires.

Co-op TV Spot

This is probably one of the best examples of balancing (brand) image building and (co-op) product selling. The goal was to prominently feature the tire manufacturer without it taking over the entire spot—and still allowing the OK Tire story to be told.

Digital display ads

Just a couple of the online ads developed for running on various web platforms & websites. The campaign featured animated display ads as well interactive game-styled ads.


The print campaign consisted of both brand building AND c-op (product exclusive) ads—like this one. Even though the co-op tire is featured prominently, the template design seamlessly integrates it into the ad.

In-store posters (P.O.P.)

This P.O.P campaign help provide visitors with a more engaging (and reassuring) in-store experience. To reinforce OK Tire’s image as the caring and honest expert, we created a poster campaign that mixed humour with relevant facts—in an easy to understand , consumer-friendly way.

Mobile Interface

This was, figuratively and literally the ‘missing link’. By designing a mobile interface, we completed the loop between mobile advertising and campaign messaging—about tire rebates and information about mechanical services.

Windshield Decals

As an extension to the ‘Sticker Family’ campaign, we proposed creating a series of windshield decals. As an added value gesture—for doing business with OK Tire—customers would select from the series of characters. In doing so, the customers were giving an, inadvertent nod, to OK Tire.

Road Trip Activity Pack

By offering various elements to occupy children during an extended journey, the goal was to have OK Tire be considered as the go-to destination (by both drivers and children) prior to departing on a road trip.

Safety Kit

As a way to reinforce OK Tire’s commitment to ensuring peoples safety—and by extension, peace-of-mind—we developed the idea to create branded, self-liquidating safety kits.

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