Still Using The Same Old Marketing Approach In This New Retail Era?

Time To Think & Act Like A Modern Marketer.

There was a time, not too long ago when all that a retailer needed to do was to stack their shelves and open their doors. But those times have come and gone… and they’re not returning. Ecommerce, Amazon, marketing technology, and heightened consumer expectations have all changed the face of traditional retail. And so, as they say, when the (retail) world changes you need to adjust. But adjusting may be easier said than done… at least for some.   

Despite knowing that they need to evolve to survive, many retail organizations are either having a difficult time letting go of traditional means of marketing OR are struggling to incorporate & implement the (omni-channel strategy) approaches. And knowing the RIGHT combination of both is now required for brands to be relevant with the consumers of today… and tomorrow.  

Unfortunately, though, many are losing sight of who they are and what their brand represents. After several years of successful one-on-one consultation and brand development assignments, retail consultancy and marketing agency BRANDSPANK has decided to make available their exclusive collaborative workshop, the Modern Marketer’s Playbook, that guides decision-makers on how to think and act like a modern marketer — in order to transform their established brand into one that’s even more relevant and engaging to the consumers of today… and tomorrow.

The goal of the workshop is to reset the way attendees think about their brand… and the way they think about marketing as a whole. And that’s a good thing, because commonly accepted practices can no longer be the default strategy or, even, an applicable option anymore.

During this half-day experiential learning session, attendees will be provided with the strategic guidance and practical applications required to bring their brand to life at every consumer touchpoint and through every employee.

Led by award-winning marketing strategist and international speaker Andrew Sharpe – Brandspank’s Founder & Chief Executive Storyteller – the Modern Marketer’s Playbook session will also target:

  • How to assess the efficacy of your current marketing efforts
  • Where to focus your marketing efforts to maximize ROI
  • How to articulate your brand’s story through experiences
  • How to create more brand engagement from the internal team

Regardless of the category of your brand, attendees will walk away with some thought-provoking insights and hands-on tactics that will enable their brand to transition into, and thrive within, this highly disrupted marketplace.

So whether a senior decision maker within a larger corporation or an independent business owner, you’ll want to invest in your brand’s future – by booking your ticket today. Because this workshop is limited to 40 attendees only.

More About BRANDSPANK & Andrew Sharpe–Workshop Leader. 

BRANDSPANK is a retail consultancy & marketing agency.  We help to transform established retailers into modern brands – by making them more relevant to today’s consumers. 

Whether it’s by bringing the brand’s story to life at every channel OR establishing a culture of collaboration throughout your organization, we help retailers to put omni-channel into play, the right way. 

ANDREW SHARPE is the founder & Chief Executive Storyteller for BRANDSPANK. He is also the President-Elect and former Director of Thought Leadership with the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA). A self-described retail marketing insight-er, Andrew is also a regular blog contributor to influential sites such as Retail Customer Experience dot com. And is also a recurring guest on both CBC and Global news – for retail and marketing related topics. 

For over 20 years (including working client-side as interim Director of Marketing with a national franchised company), Andrew has been instrumental in developing brands and creating compelling stories for dozens of regional, national and international retail organizations – including Chevron, Tisol Pet Nutrition Stores, Pharmasave, OK Tire, Ingledew’s Shoes, Ricky’s All Day Grill, Fatburger, and Blenz Coffee.  

Andrew is also the creator of a highly effective methodology for evolving organizations into a more approachable and engaging entity – through organizational personification – which will be discussed and explored during the Modern Marketer’s Playbook workshop. 

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